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Taking Action

Check out our latest work, committee planning efforts, events, and how you can provide input. (Bookmark this page as we’ll continue to update it with ways you can get engaged.)

Our Committee Work

Phase 3: Create Action Plans

Our seven committees have selected an initial set of priorities to test and promote over the next 18 months. Based on ongoing discussion, feedback from the community, and action planning, all seven committees have provided updates to their priorities.

Please click on the images below to download and review each committee’s priorities.

Committee #1 – Person-Centered Care
Committee #2 – Workforce
Committee #3 – Transparency & Accountability
Committee #4 – Financing System
Committee #5 – Quality Assurance
Committee #6 – Quality Measurement & Improvement
Committee #7 – Health Information Technology
Committee #1 – Person-Centered Care
Committee #2 – Workforce
Committee #3 – Transparency & Accountability
Committee #4 – Financing System
Committee #5 – Quality Assurance
Committee #6 – Quality Measurement & Improvement
Committee #7 – Health Information Technology

Phase 3: Action Plan Development (December 2022 – April 2023)

With input from our Steering Committee and a diverse representation of voices from those who attended feedback sessions in December, committees are now actively developing their Action Plans.

We anticipate these plans will be completed by April/May 2023 at which time we likely will be hosting review sessions.

Share your feedback

Join a Coalition Conversation

Each month we dedicate time to discuss a variety of topics related to our work. Open to anyone, these virtual events are a chance to speak to those working to promote meaningful change. Occasionally, we will host special feedback sessions and A Conversation with Our Chair so you can learn about the latest updates in person.

Your participation in these events and feedback along the way will continue to inform our work so please join us!

If you missed one of our Coalition Conversations, check our new YouTube channel for a recording.

Feedback Sessions: Committee Priority Recommendations

Please join us for one of these facilitated discussions to gather feedback on recommended committee priorities:

  • December 8th at 2pm (EST) – General Public
  • December 13th at 12 pm (EST) – General Public

A Conversation with Our Chair: Envisioning Action, Together

  • January 11th at 1:00 pm (EST)
    By early January, we will have collected feedback on committee-selected priorities. Using this information, each committee will be developing specific Action Plans – how best to test and promote their priorities.
    What feedback did we get and what did we learn? What does the work of the Coalition look like over the coming months?


    Join Coalition Chair, Alice Bonner, and members of the steering committee to learn more about Moving Forward’s vision for action. This will be an interactive discussion. Our goal is to shape a unified, multi-stakeholder vision for what nursing home quality improvement looks like and the shared action needed to accomplish it. We also want to identify opportunities for collaboration – how might you, your organization, and/or your community be willing to amplify, partner, and participate in 2023?

Calling all Family Members & Care Partners!

  • Febuary 10th at 1:00 pm (EST)
    Join us for a conversation about your experience with nursing homes and the work of Moving Forward to improve quality for residents and their care partners. During this hour together:
    • Share your experience as a care partner with Coalition leaders.
    • Discuss the role care partners should play in nursing home life and the supports nursing homes should provide care partners.
    • Let us know your expectations and hopes for the Coalition and how you’re willing and able to get involved.
    • Get to know different Coalition leaders and fellow care partners as we begin building a movement together to bring quality and compassion to nursing home care.

Advocating for Reform with Federal Leaders: Amplifying Voices Around Nursing Home & Long-Term Care

  • Tuesday, March 7, 1-2 PM (EST)

    The Moving Forward Coalition is dedicated to creating meaningful change in how we deliver nursing home care across the U.S. That begins in local communities and individual nursing homes, but it also requires the commitment and support of our federal leaders.

    Join Jennie Chin Hansen, Bob Blancato, Joanne Lynn, and Alex Spanko to discuss how we can effectively and collaboratively engage our nation’s leaders in an enduring commitment to improve our long-term care system.

    • How can we help to make it essential and appealing for federal leaders to commit to building a sustainable long-term care system? 
    • How can we frame long-term supportive care as an urgent and emerging issue that has practical policy solutions? 
    • What can the Coalition and all of us do to collaborate toward that goal?


Robert “Bob” Blancato is the Executive Director of the National Association of Nutrition and Aging Services Programs, President of Matz, Blancato and Associates, the National Coordinator of the bipartisan 3000-member Elder Justice Coalition, and the National Coordinator of the Defeat Malnutrition Today coalition.

Jennie Chin Hansen (serving on our Person-Centered Care Committee) is a principal mover behind the 1997 Medicare and Medicaid PACE (Program of All Inclusive Care of the Elderly) focused on nursing home qualified persons who prefer community based living and care.

Joanne Lynn (serving on our Finance Committee) is a geriatrician and hospice physician now working to make it possible for older adults to live meaningfully and comfortably when we must live with serious disabilities.

Alex Spanko is the director of communications for the Center for Innovation, the non-profit parent of The Green House Project and Pioneer Network.

Calling All Nursing Home Leaders!

  • Friday, March 24, 2-3 PM (EST)

    During this session we plan to share a bit about our vision but primarily learn from you. The Moving Forward Coalition needs the help of providers to test, promote and advocate for our package of quality improvement plans.

    Join Coalition leaders as we brainstorm how best to make Moving Forward’s Action Plans and initiatives accessible to all nursing homes and their communities.

    We appreciate you attending as we recognize that a lack of staffing and resources can make adding any new projects feel daunting. This is why we need your insights how best to move forward. Ultimately, a goal of the Coalition is to help identify and advocate for solutions that will improve care we all agree residents deserve.

    We’ll start the session with an overview of our mission, vision, progress, and work plan. And then we’ll open up the floor for discussion:

    • What would your team need to test a Moving Forward action plan? 
    • How can we engage more and more diverse nursing homes in our efforts? 
    • And how can we work with you to build an advocacy message that charts an accessible and feasible roadmap to quality improvement?

We’re eager to listen and collaborate!

What We’re Doing Differently: COVID-19 INNOVATIONS

  • April 21st, 2023, 2:00-3:00 pm (EST)
    The height of the pandemic may be over, but nursing home teams continue to strive to improve infection prevention, emergency preparedness, resident life, and staff support.

    In this Coalition Conversation, “What We’re Doing Differently: COVID-19 INNOVATIONS”, experts and nursing home leaders will discuss best practices learned over the last several years and what actions are now being implemented to improve nursing home quality and experience.

    Speakers Include:
    • Paul Winkler, Retired Senior Services CEO
    • Kara M. Jacobs-Slifka, MD, MPH, Team Lead, Long-term Care Team, CDC
    • Kristin Henderson, RN, NHA, Senior Director of Clinical Services, Presbyterian SeniorCare Network
    • Morgan Katz, MD, MHS Assistant Professor Infectious Disease, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
    • Chris Winston, Facility Director, Long Term Care, Forest Hills of DC; DC Health Care Coalition and fifteen years as a Duty Officer 
    • Paige Hector, LMSW PaigeAhead, Consultant/Educator/Author
    • Bobbie Gray, NHA, MPA, VP Care Communities, Presbyterian SeniorCare Network

Cost Reporting 101 with Betsy Rust

  • Wednesday, May 10, 1-2PM (EST)
    Join Betsy Rust, CPA (Committee #3: Accountability & Transparency) to learn all about skilled nursing facility cost reports and how to use cost reports to understand financial, utilization and ownership information for an individual skilled nursing facility. For all of us trying to improve nursing home quality, these documents provide a wealth of information. And as we strive for greater nursing home transparency, understanding the information we already have access to is absolutely vital.

    Betsy Rust is a Senior Care Industry expert that has worked with providers across the continuum in advancing strategies and services for seniors. She is well known nationally for her ability to navigate the complicated world of health care reimbursement, and to develop strategies and tactics in response to economic, regulatory, and market influences. Her expertise also extends to operational improvement initiatives, and financial feasibility, and she has extensive experience with skilled nursing facility transactions. Betsy has worked with numerous providers in developing and executing on managed care strategies including PACE and ISNP. Betsy currently is the elected Associate Business Member President of the American Healthcare Association serving a second term on the AHCA Board through September 2023.

Share Your Ideas!

If you have ideas or general feedback, this is a great place to share your thoughts. We read everything we receive.

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