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Resource Hub

We’re curating Coalition deliverables and the resources that have inspired and strengthened our work together.

Committee Work

Our Committees are hard at work turning action plans into meaningful nursing home quality improvements. Check out the action plans and join us for Coalition Conversations to hear about our work in Year 2 and how you can get involved.

NASEM Report

In April 2022, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) issued a report on how the United States delivers, regulates, finances, and measures the quality of nursing home care. The report emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach to nursing home quality improvement. It outlines seven focus areas for making change.

The Moving Forward Coalition is using these goals as its framework to identify specific and practical initiatives, test concepts, and promote their adoption for lasting improvements.

Resource Library

The challenges and opportunities in long-term care quality, financing, and effectiveness are well-documented. We’ve categorized notable reference materials to reflect our seven committees’ focus areas, plus two additional categories: Partner Resources and Coalition Materials.

Subject Area

Guidance on Culture Change for Nursing Home Quality Improvement

Moving Forward Coalition, Live Oak Project

Building a Stronger Direct Care Workforce: The Moving Forward Nursing Home Quality Coalition Is Taking Action Now

Alice Bonner, PhD, RN Isaac Longobardi, BA

Moving forward CNA wages, support and career pathways


Nursing Home Resident Input on the Moving Forward Coalition’s Action Plans

Moving Forward Coalition

The Paradoxical Decline of Geriatric Medicine as a Profession

Jerry H. Gurwitz, MD Division of Geriatric Medicine, UMass Chan Medical School, Worcester, Massachusetts

Nursing Home Quality & Accountability Task Force Recommendations Report

Ohio Governor's Nursing Home Quality & Accountability Task Force

Why Nursing Homes Need A Total Redesign

Health Affairs Forefront

Racial Disparities in Nursing Facilities – and How to Address Them

Justice in Aging

Evidence to Inform Policy and Practice: Mechanisms to Address Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Nursing Home Quality of Life

The Gerontological Society of America

The Moving Forward Coalition needs you!
Together, we can improve quality of life for nursing home residents.

Moving Forward Coalition

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