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Our Committees

The Coalition is as strong as the people at its tables. Nursing home residents, direct-care staff, providers, advocates, care partners, researchers, policymakers, regulators and more have built this Coalition from the ground up. Thank you!

Our Steering Committee

We’re fortunate to have the guidance of a fantastic group of long-term care practitioners, advocates, community members, and leaders. Wise, dedicated, and collaborative – meet our rock.

Photo of Alena Goergen
Alena Goergen

Director of Nursing, Miller Pointe

Photo of Anne Montgomery
Anne Montgomery

Principal, AHM Enterprises

Photo of Barbara Bowers
Barbara Bowers

Chair, Advancing Excellence in Long Term Care Collaborative

Photo of Christopher Laxton
Christopher Laxton

Independent Consultant, Aging Services

Photo of Deke Cateau
Deke Cateau

CEO, A.G. Rhodes

Photo of Holly Harmon
Holly Harmon

Sr. Vice President, Quality, Regulatory & Clinical Services, American Health Care Association

Photo of Janine Finck-Boyle
Janine Finck-Boyle

Vice President of Health Policy, LeadingAge

Photo of Jeanette Sullivan-Martinez
Jeanette Sullivan-Martinez

President Emeritus, Connecticut Coalition of Resident Council Presidents

Photo of Lori Smetanka
Lori Smetanka

Executive Director, National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care

Photo of Margaret Barajas
Margaret Barajas

Pennsylvania Ombudsman for Long-Term Care

Photo of Milta Oyola Little
Milta Oyola Little

AMDA – The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine

Photo of Tina Sandri
Tina Sandri

CEO, Forest Hills of DC

Our Committee Members

Since our launch in 2022, the Coalition has been a place for big ideas, meaningful conversation, and collaborative action. Meet the people who have been leaning in with us since day one.

Susan Mullaney

Vice President, Center for Clinician Advancement, United Health Group

Susan Ryan

Senior Director, The Green House Project

Suzanne E. Messenger

WV State Long-term Care Ombudsman, NASOP

Tania Daniels

Chief Executive Officer, Superior Health Quality Alliance

Tara McMullen

Adjunct Faculty, Georgetown University Master’s of Aging and Science Program

Terrence O’Malley

Corresponding Faculty, Harvard Medical School

Tetyana Shippee

Associate Professor, University of Minnesota School of Public Health

Tonya Roberts

Associate Professor and Karen Frick Pridham Professor in Family-Centered Care, University of Wisconsin – Madison, School of Nursing

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